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How to Use Learning Objects

Three Objections to Learning Objects - Norm Friesen

Norm Friesen

"Learning objects," "learning object metadata," and "learning object repositories" are terms that have been central to many discussions, projects and funding priorities of both public and private educational organizations.

These words have been associated with a range of benefits, some of which would rightfully seem strange in many educational contexts--such as the realization of systems "interoperability" and of resource "reusability," and the elimination of "non-tariff barriers to trade."

On the basis of the benefits that these terms might suggest, government and industry are spending substantial amounts of money, giving rise to a veritable "educational object" and "standardization" movement in educational technology.

This paper outlines a number of problems associated with this movement...

Objection 1: What's a learning object, anyway? Does anyone know?

Objection 2: Where is the Learning in E-Learning Standards? Or are "learning objects" a self-contradiction?

Objection 3: Education in a Militarized Zone? Why is the whole business driven by military thinking?

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