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Science courses disappear

When Knowledge Walks

"How can I keep knowledge from walking out the door when employees leave? Operational knowledge has never been more critical to organizational success. Knowledge loss from downsizing, [maternity leave], and high job turnover has created a knowledge continuity crisis that poses an unprecedented threat to organizations..." —listing at

"[This book] can help you reverse the tide of 'corporate forgetting.' It explains how to manage the entire cycle of identifying, transferring, and harnessing your company's operational knowledge. And that's key because knowledge continuity is quickly becoming the new competitive battlefield. Tip the balance in your favor by reading this thoughtful book." —Mike Ruettgers, Executive Chairman, EMC Corporation

"Continuity management is the missing link in knowledge management..." —Newton F. Crenshaw, Vice President, Eli Lilly and Company, E.Lilly Division

"The concepts presented in Continuity Management, provide essential guidance for how soldiers can leverage the Army's knowledge, so we can adapt to each new fight and win our nation's wars." —Lieutenant General Peter Cuviello, Chief Information Officer, U.S. Army

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