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Nokia attempt to slow down the future?

BBC Technology

Strange suggestion from Nokia that this year's developments may take ten years to arrive!

Within a decade mobiles will be so powerful that we may no longer need to be tied to desktop computers, Nokia chief Jorma Ollila has predicted.

With help of wireless technology, sending messages, files and images on the move will be easier and faster too.

But the influential mobile boss admitted he still preferred text messaging over e-mail.

Mr Ollila revealed his visions of the future in an interview with BBC World's technology programme ClickOnline.

"In 10 years, which is a very long time ahead to see, we really will have very powerful devices, which will enable us to send and receive pictures, files, or documents.

"So what we do at our desks we can basically do through mobile devices which are easy to handle," Mr Ollila said

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