School mobile phone ban mooted
Downing Street Says...


Minding the Planet

Nova wonders where we might be by 2010. Considerably more imaginative than Nokia!

Lifelogs & Personal Portals All information about a person and their experiences is automatically logged for their personal use. Semantic routing of content delivers relevant information to interested parties automatically. Everyone gets their own portal.

Universal Communications

Persistent identity/relationship management across all devices/software/networks enables seamlessly integrated synchronous/asynchronous communications.

Group Minds

Anyone can know what everyone knows; everyone can know what anyone knows. New levels of collective intelligence are enabled by fusion of Semantic Web with distributed agents and knowledge management tools.

Emergent Communities

Communities spontaneously emerge and self-organize around memes (hot topics). Communities are decentralized; no longer hosted in any single location or controlled by any single service provider.

Intelligent Marketplaces

Intelligent commerce agents interact semi-autonomously in a decentralized global marketplace. Self-optimizing trading networks

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