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The Open Opinion Layer

In the Comments to Bill Quick's piece (below), Tom Cohoe writes: 'Nice concept, but I fear the more idealistic you are in allowing unfettered and equal access to your site, the more likely it is to degenerate into a typical discussion group. Unmoderated discussion groups, which usually develop into a structure under which the meanest troll and his lieutenants operate, as a model for the real world, did more to convince me that the libertarian philosophy won't work (I once described myself as a libertarian) than anything else. You'll have to keep the site under your two thumbs or it will fade.'

Patrick Brown then draws our attention to the work at Ottawa of Hassan Masum: TOOL, The Open Opinion Layer, is an exploration of "open architecture", its 'operational behavior, and potential benefits and pitfalls ... (Through such analysis) we gain clearer insight into what is possible and desirable.'

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