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Are you reading this website on its "home" page at www.UnreasonableMan.net or are you getting some sort of a feed into your own information channel?

Did you get here by chance or did you try typing the word "unreasonable" into Google?

Are you reading the comments on the right hand side of the page ("del.icio.us ideas") or just the main entries down the middle of the page?

If you're reading this in some sort of feed reader then do you have the latest feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheUnreasonableMan or are you reading something quite different (and perhaps older)?


I'm trying to push everything through the one channel...

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Deez Steeles

I'm digging the new Atom API interface to TypePad. I have just completed a prototype of an iPhoto2Typepad interface. That means that its now possible to select photos in iPhoto and directly export into a Typepad Photo Album. This is basically my Holy Grail of digital photo convenience. Now the same program we use to import and organise our pictures can send them right to Typepad.

Holy Grail indeed. This would make my iLife even easier.

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WebLog One updates..

WebLog One

Recent tweaks to the layout/functionality now give us Furl links bottom right and RSS feeds about half way down on the left.

One "lesson" from this exercise is that posting titles may work better in some RSS presentations when they are short and snappy!

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WebLog One

David. Best Wishes for the New Year. I'm just heading off; back tomorrow.

I've been playing with Google searches etc (bottom right) and will add an Atomz search over the next few days.

Many thanks for all the prompts and intellectual material.

I'm seriously thinking of "back posting" something to the 12 Dec...

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Advanced search

Managed to create an advanced search option for my Radley site. Creating an advanced template set and then creating a new index template with the necessary HTML was easy. Not sure if it's OK to link to an advanced template set from within a non-advanced template blog ... Discovered MT manuals -- fantastic (indispensable) resource for coding.

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Archiving and Searching

I am not yet entirely sure I have fathomed the intricacies of archiving a blog. TypePad's advisory comments themselves suggest a degree of vagueness as to how best to proceed. Suck it and see.

Meanwhile, in a minor (and very personal) triumph of computing wizardry, I have coded in to my Radley site a Google search facility and also a search facility for the blog itself. For the latter, I signed up for a free account with Atomz , and this will be good until I hit 500 pages. (Not that far away, I guess, considering I'm already up to 30 and I've barely got going.) Before long, I hope TypePad will themselves have evolved a site-specific search facility (ie, something more pinpoint than the archive system, though the latter will retain its usefulness). I am now working on a way to allow users of my weblog to call the Advanced Search facility that Atomz have also provided me with. Microcontent, indeed!

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Weblog One as seen through a Mac running Safari


" iCapture is provided as a public service to the 97% of the computing world without Macs. Standing tall, we 3% hereby declare 'we too have a browser'.
So go on, give it a try by entering your URL above. You'll be delivered a screenshot of your site as a Mac sees it through safari, all in 30 seconds or so.

Come back as often as you would like. "

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Magazine Weblog

I started to set up a weblog for the magazine and then realised that I had no idea what you wanted to call it...any suggestions?

I have a few other questions as well. Can you create TypeLists, Photo Albums etc? Or at the least can you edit the ones that I've already created? I think you should be able to do this from the "QuickPost" facility.

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WebLog One

David. New layout based on the "fluid" design as suggested. Unfortunately my sense of style and layout has let us down. I'll leave you to make suggestions as to colo(u)r etc.

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