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Even more Unreasonable

Are you reading this website on its "home" page at or are you getting some sort of a feed into your own information channel?

Did you get here by chance or did you try typing the word "unreasonable" into Google?

Are you reading the comments on the right hand side of the page (" ideas") or just the main entries down the middle of the page?

If you're reading this in some sort of feed reader then do you have the latest feed: or are you reading something quite different (and perhaps older)?


I'm trying to push everything through the one channel...

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The Future of ICT

It's becoming ever more obvious that the future of ICT lies with Web Based Applications. Facebook, Google, Amazon, Flickr, Twitter, etc If you want to keep an eye on the future then you could do a lot worse than to have a look at this list of the best web-based apps of 2008. It is worth noting that Google appears in just about every category (bear in mind that Picassa, Blogger and YouTube are all Google products - and iLike is essentially a Google product). Also note that Amazon do a lot more than just sell books, music and DVDs; they're rapidly becoming a major force in the ICT world.

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BlogIt - Blogging from Facebook

There's now a blogging application within Facebook - written by those nice people at Typepad, who host this weblog of mine. It's got pretty neat functionality - and supports various blogging accounts (WordPress, Typepad, Blogger) as well as supporting Twitter and Facebook status posts.

You can get it here

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