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An Unreasonable Man

I have to blog this - and thanks to David for the pointer.

Ralph Nader may be the most polarizing figure in American politics.

In 2000, he lost many allies and friends because of his decision to run for president. [His decision to run again] in 2004 cemented the hatred of many liberal Democrats while some Americans stood firm that he had the right to run, whatever the popular opinion.

However, Nader used to be one of the most loved figures in America. He fought for protections Americans now take for granted; airbags, seatbelts, even the air we breathe.

Who is this man that inspires such passion? Find out how the leader of the modern consumer movement and champion of American citizenship fell from grace.

Hero or villain? Crusader or spoiler? Right or wrong? You decide.

More about Ralph Nader at Wikipedia. And the film trailer is here.

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