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Moving away from Microsoft

Interesting story coming out of a Columbia Law School blog Freedom Now...

The United States Department of Justice announced today that it would be making a radical purchasing decision: stop dealing with the firm it considers an illegal monopoly. No more Microsoft Word at Main Justice.

So they will spend $13 million to acquire Word Perfect licenses from Corel

I thought it was worth looking for other stories relating to Corel, Microsoft and the Justice Department and turned up this from 2000 - which has Microsoft being investigated by the US Department of Justice over antitrust concerns surrounding its involvement with Canadian software company Corel which produces WordPerfect, one of the few competitors to Microsoft Word, the market leading word processing package...


As the blog suggests: "Did the DoJ consider OpenOffice at $0?"

Personally I write most of my stuff using web-based products: e-mail, blogging, etc.

I figure two things matter:

  • Stuff I write goes somewhere. So I might as well start where I expect to finish.
  • Stuff gets read - and people prefer to read stuff their way, not mine. Their software tools not mine. So I might as well start where I expect to finish.

In my younger days I used to run the 800m, Track and Field. We used to start where we expected to finish...

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