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Projector size of sugar cube made

Neat technology... once this can be embedded in phones (essentially awaiting green diode lasers) then everyone will want one.

A video projector that is the size of a sugar cube has been created by researchers.

The miniature device could be used to project images from mobile phones, PDAs or laptops, according to the team.

It was created by researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany.

Traditional projectors use arrays of millions of mirrors to display footage, but this petite prototype comprises a single tiny mirror.

The width of projector measures less than 16mm; its height and depth is 9mm.

Inside, a laser is fired at a tiny vibrating mirror, which deflects the beam to produce the pixels that form the final image.

Presently the projector can only work with red and blue lasers, meaning any displays have a limited colour range.

Green diode lasers are not yet small enough to allow the device the full range of colours.

Link: BBC Technology.

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