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Long distance microwave link over the Straits of Gibraltar


A great piece of do-it yourself engineering - and there are some nice calculations here as well...

This document outlines the physical and technical issues involved in establishing a WLAN connection capable of real file transfer speeds up to 5.5mb/s from Tarifa in Spain to Tangiers in Morocco. Connecting two continents, using the free 802.11 standard and free software.

It must be noted that the calculations in this document are derived from an amalgamation of equations found on the internet. There appear to be discrepancies between the various sources found, so should be used as guidance only. I shall visit the library in order to iron out the discrepancies.

The distance from Tarifa to Tangiers: 32,000 metres, mostly over water. There is a shorter link available to Ksar-es-Seghir, Morocco which is 20,000 metres.

  • Tarifa antenna position: On top of the castle (Castillo de Guzmán el Bueno) 20? metres above sea level.
  • Tangiers antenna position: Presently unknown.

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