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UK Foresight


The bread-and-butter stuff is below. But the latest UK publication on Science is a fascinating piece of imaginative writing called "Tales from the Future". It is available as a .pdf file here and is well worth a browse.

Foresight aims to provide challenging visions of the future, to ensure effective strategies now. It does this by providing a core of skills in science-based futures projects and unequalled access to leaders in government, business and science.   Foresight operates through a fluid, rolling programme that looks at 3 or 4 areas at any one time. The starting point for a project area is either: a key issue where science holds the promise of solutions; or, an area of cutting edge science where the potential applications and technologies have yet to be considered and articulated.

The current projects are: Brain Science, Addiction and Drugs; Cyber Trust and Crime Prevention; Exploiting the Electromagnetic Spectrum; and Flood and Coastal Defence.

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