Microsoft Shares Own Security Secrets

You are what you know how to do...

Shore Communications Inc, John Blossom

"You are what you can share" is an outlook that will increase the need to be able to expose and lend [value-added] content collections to appropriate people as one wishes - collections that will increasingly represent an individuals' own works, as well.

As people learn to expose their personal assets online effectively to current and potential colleagues, [value-added] content ownership and use will become an increasingly important part of that mix of personal attributes.

Getting workflows right is today's hot ticket, but as [pay-per-use] vendor databases begin to be a less effective tool for acquiring and using content, the importance of helping individuals build up and use their own unique content assets that they can share with others in setting of their own choosing will build in importance to the professional publishing process.

The six degrees of content may become as important as any Orkut-like tool can provide someone for relationships - a factor that may brew in the recesses of some Googlish minds.

So, you are what you know how to do... and don't give it away lightly!

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