Deja vu 1.

Deja vu 2.


Deja View's Camwear Model 100 captures everything you see and records it in memory.

If you've seen something interesting (note the past tense...) you simply press the record button and the previous 30 seconds of video with audio will be copied out of memory onto a removable storage card.

The video can then easily be stored, transferred by e-mail or uploaded to the Internet.

You can record a minimum sixteen 30 second videos, with a 60 degree field of view, even with only 64MB of SD Memory.

Count slowly to 30 and remember how long that really is. Long enough to capture an important conversation at work, a throw away remark, a reckless incident, a genuine mistake...

Now throw in wireless, better cameras, smart image processing and you have the "always on" version of your life... and everyone else's.

We will have to live our lives, and hold all conversations, on the assumption that every moment is being captured and, potentially, broadcast.

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