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Deja vu 2.

Deja vu 1.

A wonderfully imaginative suggestion from Halfbakery for the "deja vu home - remembrance of times past"

Hidden microphones and speakers in the walls loop sounds from a week ago superimposed on the current day. (And maybe the week before, at 1/2 the volume, and so on.)

Even if you're living alone, there would be a stampede of your old selves trudging into the kitchen around 7:30 am, turning on one more in an ocean of softly sloshing coffee machines...

Go the site and read the feedback...

eg: from st3f "I can't hear myself think. Would that I had turned my music down, please."

On the basis of the feedback I'm categorising this as humour, but I'm guessing that in 2 years time the original idea won't seem anything of the sort.

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