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The Education Arcade

The Future of Videogames in Education

The Education Arcade represents a consortium of international game designers, publishers, scholars, educators, and policy makers who are exploring the new frontiers of educational media that have been opened by computer and video games.

Our mission is to demonstrate the social, cultural, and educational potentials of games by initiating new game development projects, coordinating interdisciplinary research efforts, and informing public conversations about the broader and sometimes unexpected uses of this emerging art form in education.

In short, we want to lead change in the way the world learns through computer and video games.

image from "Revolution", a role-playing history of the American Revolution

Our activities this year will culminate in an educational games conference in Los Angeles on 9-11 May 2004 as part of the Electronic Entertainment Exposition.

Our aim is to spotlight key issues and emerging trends in the development, the use, and the marketing potential of games in education, while bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders across academic disciplines and industries.

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