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Semantic Social Networking

teknos writes:

If I visit kottke.org every day, my network has a pretty "strong" connection to that site. If I contribute to that weblog via commenting, the strength even goes higher.

This "connection level" is broadcast through the network via some kind of semantic protocol. and other nodes that have a similar connection strength "catch" the information- and initiate connections with my network of nodes.

Instead of trying to control the structure of the network, you let the semantic content of the network control the structure.

If it is setup correctly, there would definitely be some emergent behavior.

Really smart thinking here by teknos; and nice to see a social network solution that starts 1 step out.

I was naively wondering if we couldn't set up something like this already by using TrackBack data. Tie that in with the soft of linking offered by TouchGraph and we're pretty much there?

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