Information Architecture
Just Say 'No' to Record Labels

Nova Spivack

I'm slow on spotting this one, but bear with me...

Nova always writes interesting and thought provoking stuff. Often, apparently, random in its nature. But if you start to read his stuff by using "categories" then a more coherent thread appears.

What is particularly interesting is the lengths that he goes to in the management of his categories. For example, this posting about a Human Menome Project is tagged against no fewer than 17 categories as follows:
Artificial Intelligence, Business, Collaboration Tools, Collective Intelligence, Consciousness, Group Minds, Intelligence Technology, Knowledge Management, Memes & Memetics, My Best Articles, My Proposals, Science, Semantic Web, Society, Systems Theory, Technology, The Future.

So his weblog becomes a public extension of all his thinking, with the pattern matching built in.

As an aside, Nova's comment facility is clogging up with spam which is depressing...

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