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VH1's Best Week Ever: thanks to Anil for this link ...

... and for this one, too: the first blog dis record.

I share Anil's surprise that Google is 'funding this guy making a name for himself in the social networking space'. (On this, David Weinberger has something to add: 'according to the Butt Ugly Weblog, "orkut" — the name of the Google-affiliated artificial social network — is a slang term for "orgasm" in Finnish. ... It turns out it's named after its creator, Orkut Buyukkokten, whose parents were either cruel or not Finnish. ... On the other hand, what isn't a slang term for "orgasm"? I mean, even "Finnish" is, as in: "Didn't you Finnish yet?" ') Nova Spivack has commented on Orkut — 'pretty much what one would expect from a state-of-the-art social networking site. There are hooks in there for connecting to Google's upcoming e-mail service, and it looks like they are also planning to get into classifieds eventually. ... I don't think Google knows how to run a content or community based service — this is not their core competency — and I worry that if they extend into these areas they may risk diluting their brand and confusing their message.' Nova has also posted again on Orkut.

Amazon now does restaurants: there will, of course, be no end to this ...

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