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I thought I'd just see about posting by e-mail. Which is why this will reach you by email as well as (hopefully) the WebLog.

I'm including the College hyperlink 3 times just to see how TypePad parses things. Radley College

Incidentally, I much appreciated enkoder; see "email us" now in place on WebLog One.

I also enjoyed the MT Plug-In directory. I don't know whether we can use these with TypePad Pro but, if so, then we might might want to explore "scripturizer" as a means of putting live-linked Bible Readings into the yet-to-be-defined-but-I-have-lots-of-ideas-so-lets-keep-an-open-mind eCalendar(with apologies to Lynn Truss, whose book I am much enjoying).

I sent at 5:22pm 28 Dec 03 according to my computer....

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