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Blogs and TiVo

'A TiVo is a machine. A blog is a journal. Like comparing apples and noises.' 'RSS newsreaders are TiVo for blogs. .... Newsreaders like NewzCrawler and Radio UserLand do TiVo things. Time shifting. Easier, more complete channel and program selection. Season pass for your favorite shows. Record in the background while playing in the foreground. Save a post to your blog instead of to your VCR.' ' ... now I want functions in RSS aggregators to record between dates. Record Jon's Radio from December 22nd till today and cache the referred pages so that I can take it on my laptop and read it offline. Or, I will leave my workstation running during holidays and please record all channels that mention the word "HyperChip". Well, well, we are getting there. With blog recording, page caching and text filtering at our fingertips, the day is not far when we will finally be able to take long holidays and not worry about what we are missing.'

'The implication: that blogs are indeed media of some kind, and not just journals.' Read on.

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