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January 2004

A blog and its limits

I second some of what I have stumbled across in the latest posting at homoLudens. (See also his earlier posting. I'd like us to try out Tinderbox. Can the Department of Digital Strategy pay?) I have a number of lesser blogs on the go already — I am, indeed, treating blogs as an on-line resource for noting, and several of these blogs are not ones I want yet (if ever) to put in the public domain.

On the other hand, I am much enamoured of blogging as a medium for good writing. I find this sentiment echoed explicitly in some of the comments on this teacher's blog and also implicitly in the fine writing of, for example, Harry's Place, Oliver Kamm, Clive Soley and Norman Geras. Blogs do have a role as signposts, but they can also be much more than (just) this.

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WebLog One

David. Best Wishes for the New Year. I'm just heading off; back tomorrow.

I've been playing with Google searches etc (bottom right) and will add an Atomz search over the next few days.

Many thanks for all the prompts and intellectual material.

I'm seriously thinking of "back posting" something to the 12 Dec...

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Photo Friday

about Photo Friday

Now there is an interesting idea. A weekly photo challenge based on a published theme ("Treasured", "Transport", etc) with individuals posting their photographs on their own weblog, but with a centralised link back.

All sorts of interesting possibilities for a similar "artistic" challenge on a weekly basis.

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